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2 years ago

Know About Sports Massage That Provides By Massage Specialist Utah

Know About Sports Massage That Provides By Massage Specialist Utah

A good massage helps you to live a healthy life. Sport and exercise massage therapist work in a variety of settings including private practice, spas, health and fitness clubs and alongside other proficient physiotherapists.


During their work as a sports and exercise massage, they must have a very detailed knowledge of the types of work that they may have to do and the different actions that may need to be applied.


When working as an exercise and sports Massage Therapist Salt Lake City, you must be confident in your ability to work with clients otherwise they may fear that you declare to be a professional but really have very little knowledge of sports massage, meaning that they think you have no sign on what you are doing. You must also know your limitations of practice, this means that you must know the things that you can and can’t do as a sports and exercise massager. With being a sports Massage Specialists Utah, you are able to administer sports and exercise massage therapy for its intended purpose and will generally find you working with sports related athletes. Therefore, you must understand the effects of Salt Lake City Massage on sports and exercise related performances.


Treatments applied

You can apply many different types of treatments depending on your experience and training. The main treatments of which you are most likely to apply are:

Taping and Strapping
Electrotherapy Modalities

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2 years ago

Know Unpredicted Problems That Massage Specialist Utah Face Every Day

Know Unpredicted Problems That Massage Specialist Utah  Face Every Day

As with any job, massage therapists come across difficulties during the course of their day. For example, a client may schedule an appointment for a Massage In Murray, and the therapist may find the client has a more serious injury than previously expected after achieving an initial evaluation.


There are certain situations where massage therapy may increase inflammation posturing a danger to the client. In instances like this the Massage Specialist Utah may have to advise the patient to terminate the appointment and consult with their healthcare physician or provider.


There are other instances where massage remedy may be contraindicated. The patient or client scheduling the appointment may not realize this until they show up for their appointment. Often they believe massage therapy will help them feel better, when a massage may actually make their condition worse.


Examples may include:

  • Delicate inflammatory arthritis or other inflammatory conditions
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Recent burn or wound
  • Open wounds and sores
  • Fever
  • Unstable and significant hypertension


In cases like this the massage therapist will frequently have to rearrange or refer the client to their doctor for a consultation or medical test. It is important when rescheduling, the massage therapist remain calm and help the client understand that at some point massage therapy may be an choice for the client.


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2 years ago

Take Different Kind OF Massages From Experts - Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

Take Different Kind OF Massages From Experts - Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

A Good Massage Therapist Salt Lake City can help you to get rid you of all types of body pain. Know what kind of massage you can take -


Sport Massage
Sport Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during and after athletic events. The main purpose of the massage is to improve stress and tension which builds up in the body's soft tissue during physical activity. Where minor injuries and scratches occur due to over extension or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively.


Reflexology is an alternative medicine method involving the practice of couple massage in Utah or applying force to parts of the hands, feet and ears.


Neuro-Muscular Therapy
Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy/Trigger Point Therapy, is one of the most efficient types of massage for lower back pain. This method consists of interchanging levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm, which helps remove metabolic waste from the tissues engaged.


Integrative Massage
Integrative or Deep Tissue Massage is designed to reduce severe tension in muscles and connective tissue. Deep Tissue targets on the muscles beneath the surface of the top muscles.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage uses five styles of long strokes to massage: gliding/sliding,  kneading, vibration, rhythmic tapping and friction.

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2 years ago

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy - Zen Massage

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy - Zen Massage

Massage Therapy is the scientific and systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body, which brings about advantageous effects physiologically, psychologically and mechanically. Relaxation, relief from pain, reduction of edema and increased range of motion can be achieved through massage. Massage Utah frequently provides a form of passive exercise when widening techniques are also used.


Massage is an vital part of the healing process. There are number of benefits of massage :


* Relieves tension and relaxes muscle spasms
* Aid muscles recover more rapidly after tiring activities; ex : sports
* Improves circulation and nutrition of tissues
* Acts as a "mechanical cleanser," helps to eliminate wastes in the tissues
* May have a positive result on the nervous system
* Helps reduce swelling in the joints and inflammation
* Assists prevent muscular atrophy and improves muscle tone
* Helps reduce edema of the extremities
* Boosting athletic performance


By joining your exercise routine with a massage therapy action, you will be able to train longer and harder and make the most of your workout. Patients seek Massage Specialists Salt Lake City for a number of reasons, counting decompressing tired muscles, supporting general health and reducing stress.


ZEN Massage has the expertise to meet your needs, reduce stress, heal your muscle tissue, and create a state of relaxation that lasts for days . Our Massage Specialist In Utah work endlessly to create a custom experience in a calming atmosphere that eases muscle tension and brings you to a relaxed state of mind.


2 years ago

Excellent Tips For Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

Excellent Tips For Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

We know that not everyone has the personality type to be a good massage therapist. An expert massage therapist salt lake city would be well skilled in therapeutic massage technique, also should have knowledge about the set of basic skills. He must have following activities :


Self Promotion : Message Therapists will able to promote their work to attract new clients.


Business Management Ability : Therapists must have an excellent skills in business management and can handle running a practice, good with marketing, also work on freelance basis.


Develop Relaxing Atmosphere : A therapists uses a variety of means to develop a relaxing atmosphere, including soothing scents, music and dim lightning.


Expert in Customer Service : Excellent skills in customer service and willing to accommodate a client to make them feel a good massage experience.


Interpersonal Skills : An expert massage therapists salt lake city has excellent interpersonal skills and can create a bond with a client that helps them at ease during a massage process.


Proper Approach & Knowledge : Therapists must have wide knowledge of the techniques used in Couple Massage In Utah.


Strong Focus on Client : An expert massage therapist is strictly focus on the client and is able to tune out  all other interruptions during a massage. They are dedicated to provide a enjoyable service to their clients.


Sense of Empathy : Therapists has a strong sense of understanding and strives to use their massage techniques to help improves a clients well being.


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2 years ago

Find Best Massage In Murray Utah - Zen Massage

Find Best Massage In Murray Utah - Zen Massage

Massage is  perfect way if you are looking to start a new body work treatment plan to prepare for winter sports or want to give your body a enhance for maintenance.
It stops the stress by serving re-establish your natural body posture so you can enjoy more restful sleep and naturally lower stress levels, throughout the power of Massage therapy. is also giving their services of Massage in Murray Utah including (Salt Lake City) SLC Massage.

The benefits of Massage are numerous; these are just a few listed below-
•         Relaxation
•         Reduce pain for all age’s individuals
•         Improve health conditions
•         Recovered blood flow to feet, kidneys, intestines and brain
•         Improved recovery after surgery, reducing the need for pain medication
•         Decreased blood pressure
•         Decreased anxiety and depression
A good Massage can resolve all the listed problems; control the collagen in your skin, making it humid and more flexible.
Therapists customize your Massage, as per your age, condition, or any goals or special desires you have. You will meet effects of a massage not just for the short term.
 Massage knows no age limits. It efforts awe on all age groups including youth, old and in between.
You will have a Massage therapy that helps to keep the body and mind functioning optimally by promoting well-nourished and health skin, improve immune systems functionality, lifting energy flow, reduce anxiety, circulation of blood and boost flexibility and potential.

2 years ago

Important Tips For Massage Therapists Salt Lake City

Important Tips For Massage Therapists Salt Lake City

Massage therapists direct clients' strength to hold them rest and improve mobility.  They have a broad knowledge of the techniques used in a variety of massage types.


Moreover, they use a various methods, depending on the reason for the client’s call, his/her age, gender, physical condition and stamina.


Physical Strength:
Massage Therapists Salt Lake City spends much of the workday on their legs and hands. They can also use their arms and backs to apply force and perform cyclic motions. Thus, they must hold the stamina to endure muscular activity and to bear fatigue.


Massage Specialist Salt Lake City must communicate in a good manner with their clients. They have to recognize the client’s problem, his/her medical, symptoms he/she is experiencing and outcomes he/she expects from treatment.


Judgement & Perception Power:
At times, Massage Therapists Salt Lake City must choose whether a session would deteriorate a client’s situation, such as a medical situation that is above the range of massage therapy.


They might have to refuse treatment or prefer a technique other than the one the client requested.


Social Abilities:
Massage therapists must recognize the different attitudes & mindset that might be present in clients of different culture, age groups, gender, educational levels or purpose.


Understanding these differentiation can help therapists make clients comfortable and improve outcomes.


As the job usually contains various contacts with a range of the population, Massage Specialists Salt Lake City must be able to socialize with clients on an appropriate manner and in an appropriate stage.


If you are ready to reduce stress, wish to feel great and only want the best Massage Therapists Salt Lake City, contact us and set up an appointment with ZEN Massage today!